Our Church in Madison

Madison Coptic Church Inside

We are the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Church of Alexandria, in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. The Coptic Church of St. Mary and St. Rewais is one of the first churches to carry this name. It is set to serve one of the best university towns, which attracts many Coptic and non-Coptic undergraduate and graduate students every year. On average there are ten to twenty Coptic students from around the country who attend the university, and the families that reside here in Madison and vicinity.

If you know of any student or family in the area, please invite them to the church’s regular liturgies and services, and give us their contact information with name, address, and phone number so we might get to know them and introduce them to the Coptic Church of St. Mary and St. Rewais.

We have been serving Coptic, American, Eritrean, Ethiopian and Indian families and students.

The church has been registered in 2005. We have had regular service and activities for the congregation and visitors.

We have finished construction at the church’s new building in 2012 and have been using it since then. The church building has new beautiful isonostasis with Coptic icons, new altar and baptism room. The building also has rooms for activities such as Sunday school and youth meeting besides dining room and other facilities and spacious parking lot.

Thank you and may the blessing of the Lord be with you and your family; and may the blessing of St. Mary and St. Rewais be with you.